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Velcro Raptor

Velcro Raptor are an Australian hip hop duo, formed in 2014 by Brisbane based producer "Inspired Insomniac" and powerhouse rapper "D.I.N". Bringing together the rich production of experimental producer “Inspired Insomniac”, woven together with in your face vocals by formidable rapper “D.I.N”. This potential combined becomes a force to be reckoned with.

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Thick Shake

For the last year Velcro Raptor have been locked away in various studios around Brisbane creating their debut album “Thick Shake”. Their latest creation is a mix of old school “boom-bap" hip hop mixed with a modern twist of “face-melting” beats and unique flair.

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Working with vocalist; Rohin Jones (The Middle East) and singer/songwriter Sahara Beck. With energetic and visual live performances, Velcro Raptor are a hard slap to the face, waking your senses with bass rattling subs and echoing hooks that will keep you hypnotised and wanting more. Strap yourself in and get ready to experience the energy that is… “Velcro Raptor”.



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